Year 4


Mrs Jane Pintaudi– Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Ms Jodi Newton – Thursday and Friday

Welcome to Year 4!  This year follows on from the previous years’ academic focus and allows your children to engaged in fun and interesting activities, designed to help them thrive in literacy and numeracy. The students will focus on the following concepts this year:


  • English will focus on comprehension, spelling, guided reading and grammar activities.
  • Each term students will focus on different writing genres.
  • Students will be given weekly spelling lists focus on sounds and letter patterns as well as learning spelling rules and generalisations to improve their spelling of words.


  • Investigations and problem-solving are the core of the iMaths program.
  • Students will need to regularly practise their times tables and develop instant recall of number facts.


  • Focus on the preparation for the students’ First Holy Communion.

Science and Health

Will focus on a different strand/topic each term.  Your children will participate in a variety of investigations and activities. Sometimes excursions or incursions will be linked to units of work covered.


Will be the focus during Semester 1 and Geography will be taught in Semester 2 (Miss Connelly).

Information Technology

Will focus on internet safety and searching skills in preparation for research work conducted throughout the year. iPads will be used as a tool to assist in a variety of subject areas.

Behaviour Management

A reward system has been set up to reward positive behaviour which encourages children to respect class rules and make positive choices Rewards will be in the form of a raffle ticket system, positive feedback (comments and diary entries).  Your child will be using their diary for homework which we will check throughout the week.


  • Monday – home reading book exchange
  • Monday to Thursday – Literacy block will take place after recess
  • Tuesday – hymn singing 2-2:30pm
  • Tuesday – Italian 9:40-10:40am
  • Wednesday (9:50-10:40am) and Friday is sport. Children will be required to wear their sport uniform.
  • Wednesday – HASS (Humanities and Studies of Society) 1:25-2:15pm
  • Thursday is library book exchange 9:35-10:05am
  • Thursday – Art block 11am-12:30pm
  • Friday – testing (spelling, mental maths, learning area tests as required)