Year 2


Miss Tiana Sgambelluri

Education Assistants

Mrs Jane Parker – Education Assistant
 Mrs Sandra Reynolds– Education Assistant

The students in Year 2 are given the opportunity to develop in a positive, safe and comfortable working environment, which not only embraces a student-centered approach to learning but one in which honesty, respect, responsibility, a positive self-concept and individual differences are highly valued. Year 2 is an opportunity to consolidate important knowledge and skills, particularly in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. The children will develop into more independent learners as the year progresses and will be provided with a range of interesting and varied learning opportunities, which support their academic, social and emotional needs.

Religious Education

Religion forms an integral part of our life at Holy Spirit and permeates through all learning areas. Religious Education is timetabled for on a daily basis and two major topics of study will be focused on each term. The students will also have the opportunity to participate in prayer assemblies, liturgies and whole school masses as the year progresses.


The English Australian Curriculum is organised into three interrelated strands that support students’ growing understanding and use of Standard Australian English:

  • Language: knowing about the English language
  • Literature: understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literature
  • Literacy: expanding the repertoire of English usage

Together, the three strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. Students will participate in a range of whole class and small group activities during Literacy dedicated time.


At Holy Spirit, we use the i-Maths program to support our teaching of Mathematics. Investigations and problem solving provide the core of the i-Maths program and provide the context to which students apply their knowledge and understanding of the content. The i-Maths program aims to build and develop a student’s understanding of maths concepts, improve their mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills, and provides real-life contexts in which they can develop higher-order reasoning.

The three content strands taught in Mathematics are Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics and Probability. The Year 2 children will engage in a variety of interactive and hands-on learning experiences, to support their learning in each of these strands.



  • Monday: Book change day & homework issued
  • Tuesday: Sport & Hymn Singing
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Italian
  • Thursday: Library borrowing
  • Friday: Humanities and Social Sciences and Art (alternating Fridays)