Senior Primary

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow

As they approach their secondary years, senior primary students are learning to think more independently, expressing their ideas, thinking creatively and taking risks with their learning. They are becoming proficient at expressing and justifying their opinions and concerns and identifying their talents and passions and how they can use these in our school and beyond.

Our senior primary includes:

Year 4
Year 6
Year 6

Leadership Opportunities

A key feature in Holy Spirit’s success of our Alumni is the active involvement our students have in the life of our school. We offer a diverse range of leadership opportunities for students in senior primary to join leadership teams and participate in leadership programs.

Senior students have opportunities to share the responsibility in representing Holy Spirit at various events, such as Anzac Day service, Life Link Launch and Performing Arts Opening Mass. Students are rotated through school leadership roles and leadership committees to gain experience in public speaking at assemblies, being captains at various school sport and/or interschool events and interacting with the younger years.

Focus on the Individual

Here at Holy Spirit, we believe that every child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and flourish intellectually, physically and socially. We aim to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, nurturing and encourages students’ natural curiosity and exploration to direct his or her learning. We believe in the philosophy of holistic education because this is important in relation to early childhood as it refers to the overall way our students learn and develop both emotionally and socially. Our students depart Holy Spirit with real life skills. They are responsible, independent and confident to navigate life’s opportunities and challenges. 


We believe the role of the teacher is to nourish the learning journey of each individual and provide enriching activities so that children are supported to help them reach their full potential as engaged learners, developing the skills to work collaboratively and have a passion for life long learning. As educators, we support children as they embark on a journey to make discoveries about themselves and see themselves as valued and respected members at Holy Spirit. We cherish the contributions that each child brings to our school and recognise the individuality and important developmental stages of each child.

Support from our community

We believe that education requires the support of the wider community and that relationships formed within that community are paramount to students’ wellbeing and success. We believe that the work of the leadership team and teachers is reliant on the support from family and the wider community.We acknowledge the essential role students’ families play in the education of children to develop their sense of belonging, being and becoming. We show respect for all our students’ families and provide opportunities for them to be involved in students’ learning and school activities.